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Tap into a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Seamless Connections, Eco-friendly Reflections”

At Eco Sync, we believe in harmonizing technology and nature. Your journey with us begins here, as we embark on a mission to create personalized NFC Cards that seamlessly blend eco-consciousness with cutting-edge connectivity. Your story, values, and uniqueness will be embedded into each card, ensuring a sustainable and personalized experience like never before.

The information to be provided in this form is entirely optional. Feel free to share as much or as little information as you’d like to share using this card.

Eco Sync

Design Team Outreach

Our design team is eager to bring your vision to life. Shortly after submitting your information, our team will reach out to collaborate on a design that not only reflects your identity but also showcases the beauty of sustainability. Your Eco Sync Card is not just a card it’s a statement about your commitment to a greener and connected future.

Your Eco Sync Card will be crafted to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and eco-conscious experience.


Incase of any query, please feel free to reach out to

CA. Rohan Kasat (Founder) – 7350799253

ER. Aniket Ostwal (CEO) – 9552370237